I had one five hour session with Ben. 2 weeks later i chopped The Bigger 109$ at stars on Sunday for $50,000. I was a solid player before, But there are always a lot of small errors in your game that you dont know about. Ben has a really good way of explaining what those errors are. He also has many tricks up his sleeve, and he wants to teach you them!

Daniel Ljung aka “matmatmat” on stars. | One of Bens students.

After making several videos series for tournamentpokeredge, Ben got numerous requests if he would do coaching. And so due to popular demand is now doing one on one private coaching sessions online or in groups. Ben has years of experience working one on one and in groups teaching online MTTs and also specialises in high stakes HU and 6MAX SNGs. It´s suitable for absolutely anyone. From low-stakes tournament players wanting to learn solid game theory to mid-high stakes players looking to take their game to the very top level. Ben will also give insight into what games you should be playing to maximise your profitability, and which skills and lifestyle is necessary to be as successful as possible.

Apart from coaching in online tournaments, Ben offers advice into how to make the transition from online poker tournaments to live tournaments. Making this transition successfuly is challenging, and will give you information on what ways you need to adapt, and in particular identifying how to make the best use of the wealth of extra information that playing live gives you.

You will begin with a brief introduction on skype, to tell him about yourself and your poker history, what you games you play, and where you aspire to be. You will then have an online session together, preferably with you playing where he will be able to guide you through your session. Your game will be analysed in every aspect, and will be focusing on where you´re making errors in order to cut them out of your game. Alternatively you can send a hand history of one or more of your tournaments, and analyse it thoroughly. You will then go over it together over skype hand by hand, and discuss your strengths, and where you can improve on. (Note. 1 hour preparation per tournament history time will be charged)

Lessons can be done over skype in various forms, and are charged at $1000 for 5 hours for private session, including preparation time. Group sessions are open to negotiation. It is available in English or Spanish. If you have any questions for Ben or wish to contact him with regard to any professional request then feel free to leave him your details in the form below and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

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